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​​​​Welcome to My Soul, My Self ...

My practice is dedicated to helping people with their spiritual presence in life ... 

And, whether you come to heal a wound, resolve an issue, or gain insight into your life purpose and path, the services I provide are designed for you to get your answers. To do so, you are gently guided to the regions of your mind where you can recall memories from your present life, past lives, and life between life times. In present life regressions, you go back to the moments from your childhood and adolescence that negatively impacted your life and heal them. In past life and life between lives regressions, you will awaken to your prior life lessons, discover the reasons for your life challenges, release karma that no longer serves your growth, and come to know the purpose for it all in your life.  

From the psychology of the brain-body connection to matters of spirituality and the soul, what I’ve come to know is a specialized understanding of the brain-body-mind connection, the energetic relationship between mind and material outcomes, the nature of the divine mind of the soul, and how to apply them all to your life. 

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