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California 1994 - First Past Life Regression

why past life regression?          


The answer would have a profound impact on my life, and for good reason. I was about to enter into my first past life regression. Like many people I was pretty nervous before my first regression. I questioned if I could do it, if it would work, would I even see anything? I had read plenty of books on the topic. I'm fascinated by the idea of past lives. I'd love to think I've lived before and will live again. Yet, now that it was my moment of truth I wondered, how would I know if I'm not just making it up? 

To my surprise when my mind turned its attention to my feet, there was something on my feet, “Moccasins,” I said. ​

"What do you have on your legs?" I could see my legs. They were bare and looked like the legs of a young adolescent boy, “Nothing.” What about around your waist, anything around your waist?" “Looks like a loincloth [animal hide].” "How about over your body?" “Nothing.”  

I was on a roll. 

"Notice what you’re doing, what are you doing?" 

Uh oh, nothing came. I didn’t see anything, but I noticed a sensation on the right side of my body as if I were swinging an axe. So I followed it and what came to me was, “I’m hitting a bush with my bow.” As I was saying this, the image of a dry, late summer season bush appeared in my mind.  

"You’re hitting a bush with your bow, how come?"  

“I’m hunting a rabbit and it ran into the bush and I’m trying to scare it out.” 

So began my first exploration into a past life. It was 1806 and I was a 12 year old Native American boy. In my mind I could see a wooded mountain landscape off to my right that came down to a grassy valley floor the color of hay, my village was off to the left. I described a tribal system of independent family clusters that made up our tribal nation. We were forest people moving along the Appalachian Range. In the summer months we went down to the valley to hunt and store up for winter. We were later forced out of the area by settlers and headed west then north, settling in the Great Lakes region. I was asked the name of my tribe and what came from my mind was, “jibwa.”  

I had no idea what that meant.

Two days after the regression I received a call from my mentor, Burt Corliss. Burt

was a master hypnotist who taught me regression hypnosis while I was a graduate student in psychology.  He facilitated my past life regression and had gone to the library to look up some things. 

"What do you know about the Ojibwas?" “Nothing,” I said, “Other than what came up in my regression,” which up to that point was pretty cool, but still, it could have been conjured up by my mind ... right?  

“What about them?”  

"They’re the Native American tribe you described." 

My mind paused. Now, I’m a child of the Western movies of the sixties. I'm familiar with the names of the Comanche, Apache, Cherokee, Sioux, and Cheyanne. I grew up in Massachusetts. I was raised on the Thanksgiving story and the Wampanoag, but no Ojibwa. This was nowhere in my background.  

Burt went on to tell me that what I had described about the Ojibwa tribe was accurate, from the structure of the wigwams to how each family cluster had a specific role in the tribal nation. My family was part of the tribal Council. He then tells me that the Ojibwa migration into America was through the Appalachians. 

Okay, maybe something happened here. 

He then asked if I knew where they had settled. “No,” I said, but I had a good idea at that point.   

"In the Great Lakes region, right where you said they were!" 

Say no more, when‘s the next regression?  ​​​

And there was a next regression with Burt,

Ten in fact from 1994-1996. Each unique, yet incredibly relevant to me and my life challenges. In my past lives I've been an adolescent serf killed by knife wound due to lust, a reluctant Mongolian warrior who died in battle, a herbal healer in France burned at the stake for being a witch, and my last life, a young prostitute in New York city who died of pneumonia and syphilis in a skid row motel at the age of 28. I've also had highly successful lives where they ended with loved ones around me, such as my Ojibwa life. We've all had lives along the spectrum of happiness and sorrow, joy and tragedy. It's how we as souls discover ourselves and grow.  

What has impressed me most about the past lives I've explored is how they are so intelligently woven into my present life time. I'm just not smart enough to create ten distinct past lives (twelve overall), have them all relate to each other and my present life with such skill, AND have them illustrate my progression through life times with so much personal meaning. The effect has been profound, an awakening of myself in my human life, which is pretty remarkable since I had no idea where this work would take me.  

I have witnessed profound changes in my clients through past life and Life Between Lives regressions. When people ask me about regression hypnosis I'm fond of saying, "There are many paths to spiritual awakening. Yet, once you walk this path, you'll find there is no other like it."  

Before he brought me out of the trance Burt asked me what my lesson was in my Native American life. I responded, “Self-love.” I didn’t get it at the time, but there was a reason why this was so dead on, and it has to do with my first human incarnation that I would come to discover more than a decade later.  ​​