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Facts of Trance

Trance is a natural phenomenon
  • It is an outcome of your brain-body connection. You enter into a state of trance every day when you are daydreaming, lost in a movie or book, or driving by your exit because you were deep in thought.

Trance is associated with brain wave patterns
  • Trance is simply the outcome of brain wave patterns shifting from Beta brain wave patterns (waking consciousness) to either Alpha or Theta brain wave patterns.

trance is not static, it occurs through waves
  • Because wave patterns of the brain create the state of trance, you will feel yourself naturally lift and descend while in trance. Through a series of deepenings you reach the point that when you naturally lift in trance, you don't lift out of trance.

you are never unconscious in trance
  • In trance you are awake, but mentally and physically relaxed, which allows you to be receptive to new information.

in trance you are in complete control
  • You will only accept new information that you are seeking to obtain. All other information would be automatically rejected by you. 

trance cannot be forced upon you
  • You choose to have the experience or not. If you want to break trance at any time you can by opening your eyes.