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frequently asked questions

Q:  Do you provide any discounts?

A:  I do provide a small sliding scale for students who are paying out-of-pocket and for people who are sincere about doing the work, yet may not be able to pay my full fee.  Please ask for details if this pertains to you. 

Q:  I see that there are people offering Life Between Lives Regressions who are not listed as members of The Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy, do they provide the same service? 

A:  Members of The Newton Institute are held accountable to the professional ethics and standards of practice outlined in the by-laws of The Newton Institute,  The only way you are assured that you are receiving a Life Between Lives Regression that adheres to the methodology of Dr. Newton is to work with a current member from his organization.  People providing Life Between Lives Regressions who are not members of The Newton Institute are not accountable to anyone for the services they provide, nor the methodology they use.   

Q:  Do you provide regression services by phone or Skype? 

A:  Regression hypnosis is so specialized that the collaboration between client and therapist is essential for the best outcome.  Because of the nuances of entering into trance and memory recall, deepening trance, and the subtle physical cues clients give while in trance that allow the therapist to monitor trance depth and provide deepening, regression work, and hypnotherapy in general, are best served in face-to-face sessions. 

However, counseling, coaching, and consultation sessions can be done by phone or Skype. 

Q:  How long have you been providing regression hypnosis services? 

A:  I've been studying and working in the field of regression hypnosis since 1994.  I've been a licensed psychotherapist since 2000, yet no longer work traditionally, nor solicit my services as a psychotherapist.  I have facilitated over 2000 past life regressions and 350 Life Between Lives Regressions in my career to date (9/2014).  

Q:  How come you no longer work as a psychotherapist? 

A:  What I have witnessed in my career is that issues that would take 6-8 months to address in weekly psychotherapy are resolved within 1-3 regression sessions depending on the severity of the issue and the needs of the client.  As much as I'd like to keep clients around for 6-8 months, it's always what's in the person's best interest that matters most.  Regression hypnosis is just a more effective treatment as it relates to people's time, money, and outcome. 

Q:  How does your pricing work?  

A:  The price of a session is established up front depending if you choose a series of regressions and/or hypnotherapy, counseling, coaching, and consulting sessions or if you choose to schedule one session at a time.  Yet, if within 7 days of the first session you choose to package sessions value pricing is applied.

A deposit is required for each session up to three and applied to the final session depending on the amount of sessions.  There is no charge to reschedule a session under a value plan as long as it falls within the guidelines of the cancellation policy, deposit and cancellation policies.

Q:  If I choose to package sessions and decide at any time that I don't want to continue, am I obligated to pay for all the sessions? 

A:  No, you are only obligated to pay for the sessions you attended.  Yet, the pricing reverts to single session pricing if less than 3 sessions are attended. 

Q:  Do you record regressions and do I receive a copy? 

A:  All past life and Life Between Lives Regressions are recorded and you receive a copy through an online file share folder that only you and I can access. 

Q:  How do I get my copy of the regression? 

A:  Within 1 week of your session you'll receive an email invite with a link to our shared folder from  The email will include the instructions for downloading your regression. 

Q:  Have you ever had your own past life and Life Between Lives Regressions?

A:  Personally, I've encountered twelve of my past lives and experienced two Life Between Lives Regressions.  What I've come to appreciate is that regression hypnosis is just one path out of many that are available for spiritual discovery. Yet, if you resonate with this path, there is no other like!

"My reason for practicing full time as a spiritual regression therapist & counselor is because I've personally experienced the profound effect it has had on my person, being, and life.  My desire is for all to know themselves as Souls and their spiritual purpose in life.  It is why I do this work."     Namaste'

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