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how it works

In the Alpha and Theta bandwidths, the areas of your brain associated with the activity of your external senses and critical thinking are inhibited. This opens neural pathways within your brain that account for its innate ability to develop new neural patterns and strengthen new neural connections. By closing your eyes and relaxing your body your brain naturally amplifies Alpha brain waves that induce a state of trance. When in your Alpha or Theta bandwidths, you are able to increase the impact of new information on your brain and accelerate the rate with which new information becomes patterned as a new mindset within you.


  • Hypnosis is a means of guiding a person into trance using suggestion. 
  • Suggestions are statements designed to elicit, alter, or imprint an image, thought, feeling, or sensation.
  • Trance is the outcome of brain waves moving from Beta brain wave patterns to Alpha or Theta brain wave patterns.
  • Brain waves identify states of consciousness

hypnotherapy sessions & services

In Hypnotherapy we use the language of the subconscious mind, which speaks in symbols and metaphor, to bypass the conscious mind and direct intended change to thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. For Hypnotherapy Services, a minimum of three sessions are required for best outcome.

Hypnotherapy sessions

Session 1

This 2 hour session includes initial intake, hypnosis testing, and hypnosis session.   [$200]

Session 2

This 1 1/2 hour session builds upon the first session and includes further enhancements to promote success.   [$150]

Session 3

This 1 1/2 hour session is the final stage of enhancements for you to achieve your goal.   [$150]

Reinforcement Sessions (optional)

These 1 hour sessions are scheduled one or two times per month for maintenance and continuity of achieving goals.  [$90]

hypnotherapy services

Peak Performance

Sports Performance • Professional Athletes • Amateur Athletes • Weekend Enthusiasts • X Gamers • Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Weight Lifting, Gymnastics & More

Performance & Creative Arts

Actors • Dancers • Musicians & Singers • Artists

Study and Concentration

Medical Boards • Licensing Exams (Bar, CPA, etc.) • LSATs, SATs and all others • Classroom Test Taking • Study Habits

Personal Hypnotherapy 

Habit Control • Stress Reduction • Weight Loss • Creative Blocks • Anxiety (General or Specific including Public Speaking, Interviews, Competitions) • Depression