• 3 - Past Life Regressions
  • 1 - Life Between Lives Regression
  • 1 - Comprehensive Analysis Session
  1. The language you best respond to.
  2. How you best move through memory recall.
  3. How you receive imagery.
  4. How you intuit information.

what to expect on your life between lives regression session

establish intention

When you come in for your Life Between Lives Regression you will bring with you information outlined in the pre-LBL session letter. Included in the information is your intention statement, what it is that you are seeking to get from your Life Between Lives Regression. Here is mine, 

“My intention is to see how I am doing so far with my life’s purpose and lessons, and gain insight on how to adjust my life to better fit with my agreements.”

session timeline

A Life Between Lives Regression is a 5 hour session. The first hour is focused on going over the information you bring in for your session and processing your past life regression. I want to continue getting to know you as best I can so that for every question you have I'll have 2-3 more that will deepen insights. The next 20 minutes is focused on going over the Life Between Lives Regression process and then a short 10 minute break for a breath of fresh air and a light snack. The next 3-3.5 hours we have your Life Between Lives Regression. We leave a little time at the end for some light processing. 

regression process

The hypnosis used for a Life Between Lives Regression is similar to what is used for your past life regression session with added suggestions to increase receptivity and deepen trance. The method of reaching the Superconscious-Spiritual mind involves a lengthy deepening process that includes moving you through a series of childhood memories back to the womb. While in the womb we explore any physical or psychological imprinting from your mother, the impressions you have of your body and brain as you've joined with the fetus, and how all this will serve you in your life. From your time in the womb we transition you to your most recent past life where we deepen context to the influences of that life and how you responded. When you leave your past life you are transitioned to the moment of crossing where you move to your time between life times, and all that you are, have been, and seek to be as a soul. 

exploring your life between lives

Your shift into your spiritual consciousness deepens upon crossing over. As you transition we explore all dimensions of your experience. Whether you linger after you die, travel to visit with prior life forms, or move through dimensions of light only to find no one waiting for you when you arrive, it all has purpose and meaning. My expertise is guiding you through these moments to obtain what each is seeking to provide as you move to the spiritual dimension. What I have come to find is that each soul is unique in their descriptions and experiences of crossing over once they have left their past life. Yet, each eventually transitions to an environment of light-energy, sometimes with structure, sometimes not, where they are greeted  by an entity of light-energy (or more than one) who may or may not have a human face or form, and brought along. 

There is no one prescribed way to experience a Life Between Lives Regression. Each stage you go through is unique to your character, maturation, and development as a soul. You may meet with your guide first, or go straight to Council or classroom; you may find yourself at a party in your honor, or you may go rest for a bit in a self-generated environment by a mountain lake. There are a myriad of experiences that unfold for each soul as they enter and move through the spiritual dimension between life times. Each moment, each meeting, each entity, is an opportunity to discover more about yourself, who you are as a soul, your unique spiritual character, how you have been growing, how others have been participating in your growth, and what you are seeking to fulfill from it all. As I tell my clients, "As long as you're giving me answers, I'm going to continue asking you questions." 

Before we come back from your time between life times we have a visit with your guide, or soul mate(s) of significance, for whatever you desire. Whether to ask any unanswered questions, clarify any that were given, or enjoy the feeling of their presence, it is a moment for you. If you like, before coming back, we imprint the feeling of your spiritual Self into your human self so that you wake up every day feeling fully present and at peace within your human life as the soul that you are having your human experience. 

resolution, healing, and enlightenment

What distinguishes a past life therapist from a Life Between Lives Therapist is understanding the different context of healing between the subconscious and Super-conscious minds. In past life regression therapy, the therapist actively facilitates healing within the subconscious mind based on the imprinting of mental or emotional energies from the past life and has a number of tools to do this. In Life Between Lives Therapy, the therapist is secondary to the process.  It is the soul's intention for healing and resolution that leads to the outcome. The Life Between Lives Therapist's expertise is knowing how to engage in a dialogue with the soul, spirit guide, or council, and understanding the context of healing within each interaction (and others in the spiritual dimension). In my career, whether it is past life therapy, or Life Between Lives Therapy, the therapist is only a facilitator, a guide, towards healing or resolution, never the cause of it. The cause of healing is always you. 

As for enlightenment from a Life Between Lives Regression, it is guaranteed. 

Single process session

For Life Between Lives Regressions, the same comprehensive analysis offered in the Spiritual Self Analysis. [$300]

what I look for from you

Along with the imagery you receive in a Life Between Lives Regression, it is important to understand that the experience is highly intuitive. As you interact with guides, council, or soul mates, the insights you obtain are transmitted through your mind as a telepathic exchange. Your comfort with intuiting information is essential for a successful session. There is no right way, just your way. The two most common ways of intuiting information,

  • rapid response

Some people receive information instantly once the question is asked. The challenge for these clients is to communicate what is coming through them without first running it through their mind. The benefit is that when they do they minimize any possibility of conscious interference. 

  • delayed response

Some people have the experience that when a question is asked the information is then downloaded into them. The challenge for these clients is to remain open and focused while they pause to receive information. The benefit is that when they do they deepen experience

Whether rapid or delayed in your response, my role is to make certain that our exchange is fluid with how you receive and transmit information so that we assure we fulfill the intention of your session. 

why a life between lives regression

A Life Between Lives Regression is the most profound and impactful means of directly experiencing your mind and memories as a soul. As you move into attunement with your spiritual consciousness your identity is expanded beyond any conditioned human bias. You perceive yourself and your life through an elevated mindset that deepens understanding and releases conflicts. You come to see how your most challenging issues are guiding you to fulfill your life purpose; how the people involved in your conflicts are actually participating souls who have agreed to be oppositional forces for you.  Your reasons for exploring yourself as a soul will have common elements we all share, like discovering your life purpose, meeting your guide and council, or visiting with soul mates. Yet, the specific features of your present life will drive the understanding you gain and any resolution or healing that awaits you.  

A Life Between Lives Regression is your opportunity to see yourself through your spiritual mind and feel from your core what you intuitively know, that you are a spiritual being having your human experience. 

please read further for more information 

spiritual self analysis 

This is the most comprehensive process of sessions designed for you to obtain full awareness of your presence as a Soul in your human life. 

This 5 session spiritual exploration incorporates,

life between lives regression

This 2-3 session regression process begins with a past life regression. 

  • The first session is 2.5 hours and used to establish rapport, obtain information, and have a past life regression. It acts as a primer for the Life Between Lives Regression. In this session I'm learning,

life between lives sessions and services

In 2009, I was a contributing author to Dr. Michael Newton's last book, Memories of the Afterlife. The book is an accounting of people's memories between life times on earth and the profound effect a Life Between Lives regression had on their lives. Through a network of certified members of The Newton Institute, thousands of people throughout the world have come to experience their minds and memories as souls. What's so fascinating is that people from different races, cultures, and religious beliefs describe the same spiritual phenomenon, yet unique to their life, journey, and development as souls. All with lessons to learn, and purposes to fulfill.

After a Life Between Lives Regression, you will come away with a significantly deepened realization of yourself as a Soul, present in your human life, and the spiritual nature of life as it works in unison with your highest intention to learn and grow. 

life between lives regression

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  • At the end of the first session it is decided to either move forward to a Life Between Lives Regression, or have a second past life regression.
  • A second past life regression is intended to further deepen experience. It is for the client who seeks to feel greater ease with recalling imagery and intuiting information. I equate it to learning how to ride a bike. The first time on the bike we're all a little shaky. The second time on the bike we know what to expect and find more ease.
  • The final session is the 5 hour Life Between Lives Regression where you will experience your mind and memories as a Soul between life times.
  • Past Life-Life Between Lives, 2 Regression Package [$600]
    • (Separately, $675: Past Life, $225, Life Between Lives, $450),
    • $150, 2nd past life regression (optional).
    • $50 off process session when packaged.

The 2 hour analysis session is designed to deepen insights and integrate new understanding. It is intended to help you live in accordance with the insights and guidance you obtained from your regressions so that you can fulfill the purpose of the life you now live, and wake up every day fully present within it.

  • Spiritual Self Analysis, Multi-Session Package, [$1450  ($275 savings)