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  • The second session is focused on deepening and permits you to explore a past life of karmic significance and meaning.
  • The third session is a life purpose session where you go to the past life that is directly related to your present life purpose.
  • An optional 2 hour process session to deepen and integrate insights is available.
  • 3 Regression Package, $200/Past Life Regression, [$600];
    • $50 off process session when selected with plan.
  • The first session is 2.5 hours and includes initial intake, imagery testing, and past life regression. It is constructed as an assessment session providing client and therapist a framework for further sessions.
  • Further regressions are 2-2.5 hours; hypnotherapy and counseling sessions (optional) are 1.5-2 hours. For the best long-term outcome three past life regressions and three Counseling/Hypnotherapy sessions are recommended.
  • 6 Session Package, $175/Past Life Regression, [$525];
    • Counseling/Hypnotherapy ($125, 1.5-2 hr session), ($375).
  • 3 Session Package, $200/Past Life Regression, [$600​];
    • Counseling/Hypnotherapy, $90/hr (optional),
    • 10% discount (minimum 3 sessions).
  1. Become familiar with the regression process,
  2. Become familiar with how you recall past life memories, and,
  3. Overcome any initial anxiousness, which is natural for first time regressions.
  • family-relationships
  • career-financial
  • physical ailments
  • psychological distress
  • existential angst (finding purpose  & meaning in life).

Single process session

A comprehensive analysis of your regression to deepen insights & integrate new understanding. [$200, 1 past life, $300, 3 past lives]

what to expect on your first past life regression session

establish intention

The first past life regression is focused on experiencing the phenomenon of recalling a past life. What I tell my clients is that the first regression isn't about if they are doing it right or wrong, or if they think it is real or imagined, but about the experience itself. What's fascinated me most about the work I do is that after facilitating thousands of past life regressions since 1994, the phenomenon of people recalling past lives continues to demonstrate itself. There are three things I look for at the end of your first regression that lets me know if you had a memory recall experience.

session timeline

All initial past life regression sessions are 2.5 hours. The first 45m are focused on hearing your story. I want to get to know you as best I can so I can ask more intelligent questions during your regression. The next 20m are focused on going over the regression process, trance, hypnosis, and imagery testing. We do a simple imagery exercise during this time so you can see what I am looking for when you enter into a scene from a past life. The last 60-90m is your past life regression, which includes some integration work. We leave a little time at the end for light processing. 

regression process

We begin with an initial induction through simple imagery and breath that is the first stage of you letting go and drawing your attention inward.  Each following stage is designed to compound deepening through breath, physical relaxation, and a series of visualizations that deepens inner focus, activates inner senses, and moves you into inner Self. The last stage is your entry into a prior life time. There are many ways for you to transition to a past life. My role is to guide you there.

exploring a past life

All past lives are explored in their entirety with special focus given to the significant events from the childhood to the last day of that life. On the last day of the life unresolved thoughts and feelings are explored before leaving. Next, a passing suggestion is given that allows for further dialogue as you float within the scene of your passing. As you do, imprints of what was and wasn't fulfilled are identified along with unfinished business and regrets. Finally, I give you an expansion suggestion to open you to the highest level of your mind and being where we have a higher self dialogue  about your life lesson, understanding gained, carry over and influence, karma being worked through or advanced, and what you can do to fulfill it.  There is more depending on the intention of the session.  

resolution, healing, and enlightenment

My expertise and skill-set are uniquely specialized to facilitate the healing and resolution of past life imprints. By working with your subconscious mind, we release mental and emotional attachments related to unresolved past life issues, and move you into greater harmony within your psyche  as a soul. 

what I look from you

There are two things I look for from my clients when facilitating a regression, how they receive imagery and how they intuit information. 


We all receive imagery when recalling a memory through one of two primary modes,

  1. Visual: Imagery leads experience, sensing/feeling/knowing impressions follow.
  2. Sensing/Feeling/Knowing: Impressions lead experience, imagery follows. 

intuiting information

There is a component to regression work that opens a person to accessing information they have no conscious awareness of knowing. For example: when I ask you for your name in the past life. This is considered the intuitive mind. It is the mind-state of your brain in the Alpha bandwidth and a natural outcome of trance. As you become more comfortable with intuiting information you naturally deepen your trance and your ability to access your spiritual mind and memories.  

single past life regression

This 2-2.5 hour session offers you an opportunity to go to a past life of your choosing, whether for healing, resolution, exploration, or just because your curious.  [$225]  

therapy seeker

The 3 & 6 session processes are designed for people who have specific issues they are seeking to heal or resolve. Issues range from:

spiritual seeker

This three session process is for the person who seeks to explore their karma and nature as a Soul. 

  • The first session is focused on gathering information, imagery testing, and a past life regression to the past life that is most relevant for your session that day. How we frame it is, "What you as a Soul want you as your human self to know about your life and journey, now."  This session helps you,

past life regression sessions & services

please read further for more information 

why past life regression

People come for past life regressions to understand the karmic energies impacting their lives today. Whether for healing, resolution, enlightenment, or curiosity, when karmic influences are identified and understood they harmonize within us and felt as a release or sense of peace. Yet, there is also karma that once understood requires us to act as the means of release. Fail to act and the karma intensifies. Act in accordance and it resolves. 

past life regression

Past life regression is based on the consideration that you are a soul incarnating through human life times for the purpose of growing through life lessons. To best do this you've chosen human lives that have the physical, mental, and emotional characteristics specific for your growth. When you incarnate, you know the general blueprint of the life you're about to live and the challenges you're about to face, but you've yet to make your choices. Through the choices you make you unfold the formation of your life and either fulfill your life lesson, or not. What affects how you choose are the conditions you bring with you from your prior life times that have challenged you to grow. When you discover the reasons for your life challenges and how they relate to your life lesson, you gain the understanding to fulfill your life purpose. As you do you heal old wounds, resolve ongoing issues, and come to know your uniqueness as a soul growing through life times.

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