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Pre-LBL Session letter

Below is what you'll need to bring in for your Life Between Lives Regression:

  1. A list of 10-12 most important people in your life, past or present; their first name, their relation to you, and 2-3 words describing them.
  2. A list of 10-12 most important life events indicating your age at the time.
  3. A statement of your intention for our work together (for example: “My intention is to see how I am doing so far with my life’s purpose and lessons, and gain insight on how to adjust my life to better fit with my agreements.”) Write what works for you in the language you would normally use. Bring in a few if you like and we can go over them and refine, if needed.
  4. A list of questions for your guide (as many as you can think of, we’ll go over it the day of your session).

I encourage you to avoid the "what's going to happen" or "tell me what to do" variety of questions. It is fine to ask your guide for guidance that reflects the choices you may be facing, but generally speaking, high level guidance will never interfere with free will. I have found that even when clients don’t bring these types of questions, the session tends to answer most of them. When thinking of your intention for your session and writing your questions spend a moment and meditate on your Higher Self (your Soul), or if it is more appropriate for you, your Spirit Guide, call it forth. Engage it as if it is looking over their shoulder as you write, which it likely will be doing since it knows of your intent for your session.

Lastly, please refrain from any caffeinated drinks at least 2 hours prior to the session, and drugs or alcohol the prior night (a glass of wine is fine, just not to intoxication). Come in comfortable clothing, if you like; bring anything with you that has spiritual significance. Some people bring a crystal or stone, a picture, statuette, etc to hold onto during the session if that is what you would like; many bring nothing at all. Whatever works for you. If you have a pillow or blanket you feel especially comfortable with then I recommend bringing it. If not, a blanket is provided.

One last point, have fun with this. It is meant to be experienced that way.

All the best,