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Theta Patterns

Super-Conscious Mind

Immortal Memory/Between Lives

Lower Theta-Upper Delta Patterns

Universal-Unconscious Mind  

Collective Memory

Beta Patterns

Conscious Mind

Known Memory/Present Life

Upper Alpha Patterns

Subconscious Mind

Forgotten Memory/Present Life

Mid-Lower Alpha Patterns

Super-Subconscious Mind

Hidden Memory/Past Lives

how it works

When you close your eyes and shift your focus from the external world of your senses to the inner world of your mind two things occur that are natural to your brain-body connection;

  1. The parts of your brain that are associated with inner sensing light up.
  2. Your brain changes brain wave patterns (frequencies measured in hertz).

These changes allow information recorded in the areas of the brain associated with present life memory to be accessed and retrieved. Memories that are associated with past lives and life between lives are not stored in the brain. They are stored within your psyche as a Soul. Spiritual memories are transmitted through your brain and received in the same way you receive memories from your present life, through images, thoughts, and feelings. In spiritual regression hypnosis, we work with the natural ability of your brain to tune you into the different frequencies within it so that you can receive information much the same as if you are tuning into a radio station on your car radio. All you do during your regressions is tell me the images, thoughts, and feelings that are playing on your brain wave radio.  

the radio analogy

Your brain is like a very sophisticated radio receiver. It houses different stations that you can tune into depending on the frequency of that station (brain wave chart). In the morning when you open your eyes your brain shifts to process the external world through your five senses. The parts of your brain doing this light up and generate Beta wave patterns. We'll call this external world station 107.9 on your personal brain wave radio dial. This is the station of your conscious mind. It is the only station you are aware of that is playing on your radio. Yet, like a radio all the stations playing in the brain are transmitting at once. You just tune into one at a time. When asleep your brain descends through many different stations, but you aren't aware of it. In regression hypnosis, we consciously tune you into the stations that operate below your every day awareness where you can access present, past, and between lives memories. In present and past life regression, we tune you into the stations of your subconscious mind within the Alpha range. In Life Between Lives Regression, we descend you to the Theta stations of your Super-Conscious mind where you tune into your immortal mind and memories as a Soul. 

mind & Memory

Spiritual regression therapist's equate brain wave patterns with states of consciousness and memory recall.