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"When you step onto the path worth taking, You enter into the life worth living." 


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Counseling, Coaching, Consultation in Boston

​​​My job is to provide you with a plan, a template, either mind-body or spiritual, for you to work through whatever gets in the way of creating change in your life, and support you in your efforts through time to live your life authentic to who you are and all that you seek to fulfill.

  • ​​Counseling, Coaching, & Consultation, $90 per hour, $125 per 1.5 hours, or $150 per 2 hour sessions. 
    • Weekly (Save 20%, 3 month commitment),
    • Bi-Weekly (Save 15%, 6 month commitment),
    • Monthly (Save 10%, 6 month commitment)

  1. A Defined Goal

  2. A Plan of Action

  3. Persistence Through Time

the life worth living

Every person that walks into my office seeks to live in harmony with who they are and have it reflected authentically in their life around them. For my clients who seek change, the challenge is the time it takes to get there. In psychology, it is understood that the choice to change happens in an instant, while the effect of change happens over time. In all models of change, three conditions must be met to bring about successful outcomes;

My clients always ask me how they can best bring the insights they've gained from their sessions into their lives. Whether their view of life is mind-body based, or they see life as a spiritual journey through which they grow as souls, their life around them will take time

to reflect the changes taking place within them. During this time the challenge to change comes up. How we address their challenges depends on the changes my clients are seeking to make. Yet, there is a bottom line to their change. For their change to have a sincere and long-term effect it must be authentic to who they are and the lives they seek to live. When my clients choose to act in accordance with the insights they've gained from their sessions they come to see their path to the life worth living. Yet, sometimes, getting started on the path needs somes support. 

spiritual self

The focus is on helping you integrate the insights gained through your spiritual regressions and apply them to your life through choice and action. Our work is viewed through the realization that you are a soul here to grow, and that all in relation to you is participating with you to this end. We view your human persona as your unique vehicle in which you grow through, and that all your conditions have been chosen by you, specifically for you.  When you begin to see your life through your spiritual eyes, you come to find that all aspects of your life have been serving you to become the greatest version of your human self you can create. 

human self

The focus is on helping you achieve a desired change related to your presenting issue. This is a mind-body program combining counseling, coaching, and hypnotherapy. It is an outcome based treatment that is designed to effect change with a specific goal in mind. 

spiritual counseling